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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a dam is in danger of spilling. and it's spilled into areas soaked by heavy rain. steve hairy gan is in kiln, mississippi, where people are dealing with the toughness did. >> reporter: we're herring kiln, mississippi, at the jordan river housing complex. 1500 housing complexes behin me. and we have seen the water rise about a foot over the past two hours. the real concern that, like many of the highways, 603 behind us could get over the top that will cut people off more than they are. throughout the day, we have seen people come out with items and on boats or rafts, sometimes pulling them by rope trying to get some of the pring -- possessions out and others going in the same way. there are two groups of peel here and those who are stuck in the houses and those stuck on the highway for those inside, tough conditions. there are 150,000 people across mississippi without
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electricity. steve harrigan, fox news. >> all right, isaac is moving toward arkansas but without a lot of steam and let's go to sue palka in the weather center now. >> reporter: the wind department is down to 35 miles per hour. the hurricane center will no longer be issuing advisorys on depression isaac. let me tell you, it's going to be known as the rain maker and a lot of river flooding will go on in arkansas while not getting the wind that they got in louisiana and miss sippy. it's getting very heavy rain and it will create flooding along the path and that is where it is now and let me show you the latest advisory and that is with wins of 35, and it's moving better than yesterday and only to the north- northwest at 12 miles per hour. a lot of rain widespread over louisiana and miss sippy. there are -- and mississippi and seven reports of tornados mostly in mississippi and it looks like it's taking its time through arkansas. it will take all day tomorrow
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and into ess miss. after going through st. louis, looks like it makes a hard right turn and goes to places like cincinnati and into west virginia. that might begin sunday afternoon or evening and we meet get some of the rain from hurricane isaac and now a tropical depression isaac and that is going to do a lot to ease drought conditions, by the way, in many parts of the country and that is going to create major issues with -- inland flooding and especially anyone living along a big river and more in a minute, brian, and that includes a closer look at the forecast. >> coming up, we have a high wind in new orleans and how people are dealing with the big flooding down there. and in a few hours from now, mitt romney will officially accept his nominee for the presidency. and there is a lot of talk of a big surprise speaker.
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do we know who it is in. >> reporter: fox news is confirming the so-called mystery speaker will be actor clint eastwood, you remember, was a former republican mayor in california. there is no mystery about who the main attraction is. governor mitt romney is taking the stage after fo10:00 and a short time ago, romney arrived at the tampa bay times forum to so the podium they'll be using tonight and meeting with stagehands. meanwhile, working overnight to transform the convention stage which will allow romney to speak out in the middle of the arena. it's expected to be in the neighborhood of about 30 minutes long. in address is going touch on romney's ideas for government's role. his life's story and holt areas where he thinks president obama failed to fix problems and how he, romney, would provide solutions and with while the speech is under wraps, longtime
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political consultants say that there is some things romney must hit. >> we need to see more about what jet he wants to do. we have gotten to the point in the campaign where it's most important about what they say about themselves and about their opponents. >> this is it. his chance to define himself to project who he is and what he is about in a positive way. if he spends time over obama, that is a mistake for him. >> reporter: and this is going to get all it can from tampa and they're heading to our area and they going to be together tomorrow at a rally in richmond, virginia, tomorrow afternoon. >> and of course, any particular reason why our neck of the woods? >> reporter: you look at florida and ohio, brian. virginia is in the middle of them and there is a slight lead for obama right now.
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the latest rasmussen poll has virginia at the high and the sinking here, though, is that they can set the tone into southwestern portions of virginia. right now, the romney campaign is putting a lot of time and effort into virginia and they think that it can be a bell weather, you know, and that is into 2000. everyone talked about them and that is going to make or break the race. >> and i can hear voters ousting virginia and saying don't let us down. a news alert out of virginia tonight. a former university of virginia lacrosse player has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for the death of his ex- girlfriend. george hugely was convicted of second-degree murder of yeardley love in 2010. the sentence was handed down a little over an hour ago. paul? >> reporter: george hugely had to endure three hours of testimony before hearing the sentence, and it was reduced by
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two years by judge hogshire. the jury, if you recall, recommended the sentence of 26 years. 25 for the second-degree murder and one year for the grand larceny of yeardley love's computer. and at one point, the prosecution put on several other witnesses involving george hugely and the defense put on several witness whose talked about his character, what kind of a person who was. his aunt took the stand and called him georgey and said what a wonderful person he was and called him a, quote, people magnet and a priest took the stand saying he got to know george hugely the last few years and hugely got his turn to say what he wanted to say. it was brief. he stood and said mrs. love and lexie, i am so sorry for your loss. i hope you find peace. at that point, his knees appeared to buckle and he became very emotional. at that point, the defense team sat next to him and the judge
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began to render the verdict. the prosecutor came out and he was asked whether or not lexie love had found justice. >> and all i see is loss it will be that way forever. it's such a rough approximation which, is -- wish that it didn't happen. >> reporter: the defense argued vociferously for much lesser sentence and they wanted no more than 14 years. the defense attorneys came out and spoke and they said they would appeal. >> we think that george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts and received a penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require. mr. hugely will appeal these convicts.
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he will appeal has sentence. our system provides a person or single group of people are not the final arbitors. >> reporter: the love family didn't address reporters but they released a statement reading in part we find no joy in other's sorrow. we plan to work diligently through the one love foundation to try and prevent this from happening to another family. we would like to thank everyone for showi us kindness during the most difficult time of our lives. george how longly spent two years in jail waiting for this trial so conceivably with time served and good behavior in prison, brian, he may get out in 19 to 20 years. >> all right. >> back to you. >> paul wagner. across the man accused of making a mass shooting threat is being confined to home detention. earlier this month, the police say neil prescott threatened to shoot up his former workplace. he received two dozen weapons or so and thousands of rounds
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from his apartment. he was ordered to stay home with a gps ankleet. prescott is not allowed to have access to guns. straight ahead on the news edge, at a time when the government is scrambling to -- guns and shipping them to west virginia. lindsay. from nashville, in sports, we'll talk about another great outing for kurt cousins and the nationals begin an important 11- game home stand. and speaking of the nats, bryce harper has an up-and-down day last night. as the news edge at 6 continues. 
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message  now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say
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ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts. . new tonight, some federal workers in maryland are given a tough choice. move to a brand now city or lose your job. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: every day. >> reporter: that is how often monique thinks about what is happening where show works. >> it's heartwrenching. >> reporter: for 25 years, she's worked for the department
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of the treasury. in fact, it's the only job she's had. >> what does this place mean to you? >> kind of home, i mean. the area is home for me and the people -- we have a comradery. >> reporter: this family is splitting up. and for the same reason lots of families split. money. in an effort to consolidate, the government told employees the office of financial management service and cbss and bureau of public debt will move $300 miles. >> and is that attractive? >> and that is not attractiva at all. we're looking at what kind of life go does it offer? their families ask can find jobs. >> and i am thinking about it, yes. you do what you have to do to provide for your family. >> reporter: and behind me
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here, that is east-west highway in hyattsville. over here is the government office building where these people worked. many say they didn't want to be on tv but they're not particularly surprised by what is happening. in fact, several told us that some of the upper floors of the building were emptied out. they do have time. the entire transition scheduled to be complete in january 2015. the treasury department said improve the nation's financial management and could save taxpayers $96 million over five years and that does not make it easier for monique and her colleague. beth parker, fox 5 news. stranded after the storm. coming up on the news edge, tropical storm isaac moving away from new orleans. rescue teams are moving this in to help anyone still trapped behind.
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. >> are you very concerned about my dad in baton rouge. >> wake me up. >> baton rouge was spared. >> yeah. >> and it was gustaf. came up a different angle and so baton rouge got the worst end of the storm. this thing. >> right. >> as we have seen is new orleans east. >> right. >> plaquemines parish and miss sippy. -- >> and mississippi. >> every storm has the strong side and it was devastating for mississippi and southeast louisiana and arkansas, too. glad you're okay. >> everyone out of point of viewer there. >> and that is going to be tough. it's not that hot now but the heat will be building in there and they have some long days ahead of them, for sure, brian. and we'll start in a moment and show you 9 radar picture and where our now tropical depression isaac has gotten to. locally, boy, it's a nice
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night. a little on the warm side and we got up to 89 degrees. it will be comfortable tonight because it's not that humid and temperatures will drop and we'll mostly be in the 60s overnight and that ought to feel great to you. this is the latest. the storm not moving fast but faster than yesterday and that is going to the north-northwest at 12 and that is about the center here over north-central louisiana. about to fully cross over into arkansas and the rain has, too. the heavy rain and tornados across mississippi. the big concern, again, river flooding and there is some flooding along the path of this and eventually some of the moisture will be rung out so we're talking about four to six inches. eventually it will be two to four inches but it will be significant. what is guiding the storm system now is an area of high pressure that was right over us yesterday and is in the process of sinking down to the south. as it singes south, this -- sinks south, this comes up like an atmospheric seasaw and the high pressure will guide this into the mid-atlantic late in our labor day weekend.
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maybe some rain here. sunday afternoon or evening and i will show you the future cast. it looks like it wants to stay mostly wet and through virginia. there is the high the next few days and that will take, again, remnants all the way up, again, a tropical depression, winds of 35 miles an hour and steer it in our direction as we head into the weekend. so, some showers expected on sunday and maybe we hold it off until monday. here's your weekend forecast. this is going to be a hot one saturday. by the way, tomorrow's hot, to. hot or saturday and looking at the mid-90s. sunday is cooler, thanks to scattered showers coming through. some of that is tropical rain and it will be interacting with the frontal boundary moving into the area and that will drop the temperatures a bit. the showers and a thunderstorm on sunday. again, we think saturday stays dry and our labor day might feature a little bit of that rain. the temperature at reagan today, 89 degrees; dulles, 89; bwi-thurgood marshal up to 89 degrees and well above it tomorrow. maybe by 4 or perhaps 5 degrees and check out the heat that is
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coming. chicago is 90 right now. saint louis, 95. and they're going to get the heavy rain. wichita, 97; dallas, everyone in degrees and here comes our system that is cool in places like little rock to 73 degrees and all along the path and temperatures will drop and there is the core of the heat and some of that hot is getting in here before that. mostly clear and 50s and 60s and expect a warm one. the temperatures should get up to about 94 or 95 degrees and winds out of the west will keep the humidity somewhat in check and that tends to be a hot and dry direction for us that heats up as the wind speeds up and it will be warming up with sun and clouds and maybe some more humidity than you felt today and this is the temperature trend. and 77 degrees for sunny skies. by noon, it's hot and by 5:00, 93 and humid, although again,
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not too out of control we have a hot one tomorrow and this is now and expanded just for you. a couple of hot days coming into the weekend. some showers possible from isaac late on sunday. into labor day. we want to get the timing down. i would not cancel any plans yet. keep it in the back of the mind that we're going to have to deal with tropical moisture in here and unsettled for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday as the frontal boundaries approach. some of them move through quicker and some slow down a bit, brian and that is the seven-day forecast. back to you. with isaac out west, there is relief from the wild fires. the restoration in the waldo canyon burn area. it scorched acres of land and caused thousands to evacuate. members were conducting helicopter drops of mulch over specific parts every three
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minutes. the mulch will reduce erosion, foster plant growth and will reduce the water runoff and prevent flood waters from rushing down hillsides after the rains. we may not know the fate of the national memorial to dwight d. eisenhower. the designer said the new plans will be high-tech. a congressional commission developing memorial launched a preview of an e-memorial. the virtual memorial includes historical images and documents, which will accompany the monument. eisenhower's family has been designed in the process and has objected to previous designs. the redskins other rookie quarterback performs well in and in its first start to the preseason and lindsay murphy is live to talk about that and more. next. anncr: it'll start out as concrete andnd steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools...
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real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. . from nationals park, i am lindsay murphy. the team is in need of home cooking and got done on a five-
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game road trip. they were one and four on that trip. also, didn't get home until 3:30 this morning. but tonight is game one of the long 11-game home stand and it begins with a four-game series against the st. louis cardinals. let's go back to last night's game in miami. bryce harper trying to help the nationals take one of the two games. the top of the fourth, following a jason worth single and harper to right. a two-run shot made it 2-0 nats and he adds another homer in the fifth, making it 14 total in the season. the marlins coming back in the 8th with a tieing run on second and two outs. drew story comes in and gets justin ruggiano to ground out and ends the threat. the nationals hang on for the eight-4 win and ends the five- game skid. >> on to come back here and turn it around and kind of pull it into the flooding game home stand with momentum. and working in our direction that we need and we're going to face the cardinals. >> huge, you know, especially coming against st. louis now, a
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good team and for another playoff run. we needed that one and when we saw the braves get through and we have to get there to make a run for this. >> reporter: bryce harper, we talked about him. he had two home runs and did not end as well as it began. in the 9th inning, he grounds into a double play and threw his helmet in frustration. he was immediately ejected from the game. it was the first big league ejection this is davie johnson's on his temper. >> to control the motion skin. he'll get over it. he's 100% and he expects great things out of himself. he breaks it and throws the helmet. it's going stop it and can't afford to lose in the ballgame with that. >> reporter: so, cut day is looming for the redskins and
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this is the day many, many players, especially bubble players start to dread. tomorrow evening, the team has to be done to -- down to 53 players. the redskins wrapped up their preseason play yesterday beating the buccaneers 30-3 and finished 3-1 during the preseason. and curt cousins had a good game and starting late in the first quarter and showed the mobibbity -- mobility and scrambles up the middle for 11 yards and that would lead to a redskins field-goal. first place, sec quarter, showing off the arm this time and airs it out deep to none other than anthony armstrong who needed the big play and that was a 46-yard pickup. the third quarter, cousins, the final drive and goes deep again and banks, a 47-yard game and finishes 15 of 27, 222-yards with one unter sing and said hey, i enjoyed my first until start. >> and -- a good experience. the game is going near the starter and that is more
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challenging. you don't have the first half to watch and learn and see what the defense is doing. that is good for a quarterback to have to do that and reminded him of my college days and thought we did well. >> the nationals and cardinals begin a four-game set at 705 error error -- 7:05. on saturday, we will have a live special at 3:00 p.m. at the nats game before the 4:00 game on f and back to you. >> all right, thanks. one last look at the forecast, sue. >> showing you a hot day tomorrow.
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